an investment into my breasts that isn’t a reduction feels like a waste

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an ill-fitting bra is not hard to spill out of. when you find your fit, a person or the preferred taste of your morning coffee, you don’t want to stray. the wire of my beloved bra came out like a family secret; so i had to carry six bras off the rack to a dressing room in hope that the support i needed would only cost me $11 and a quarterly trip to ross dress for less. but one spill and gaping cups and shifting band after another: i left with socks and hair products. i saved my tears for the parking lot.

Parents indirectly teach boys that it’s okay to harass girls

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Sometimes it can be effective to solve a problem by dealing with the affected party. But in this case we have to solve the problem by dealing with the cause. Teaching men and boys about boundaries and how to approach women would make a significant difference. I’m saying this because their first justification to cat-calling is: “It’s just a compliment.”

[The ovulatory phase is] a time when I feel most social which as an introvert I embrace whole-heartedly

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It’s also a time when I feel my most physically attractive and confident. At this time of my cycle I love wearing clothes which feel feminine and taking the time for self-care routines which make me feel beautiful like taking time to style my hair or painting my nails. At other times in my cycle my self-care is more focused on the emotional level like meditation, journalling and relaxation. During ovulation I feel more liberated and comfortable in my body but there is also this sense of magnetism which I think runs even deeper than the physical level. I think as women we just have this energy during ovulation that attracts others, whether that is sexual partners, friends, work connections or even children.

To what extent does the student-centered pedagogy we have come to value in writing instruction rely on an ethic of care that itself relies on a naturalization of the maternal role of women?

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I teach from a place of passion and I put a pressure on my students to succeed, while trying to remain lenient and compassionate. And I hope at the end, I reach more students that will share in the joys of writing with me.