an investment into my breasts that isn’t a reduction feels like a waste

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an ill-fitting bra is not hard to spill out of. when you find your fit, a person or the preferred taste of your morning coffee, you don’t want to stray. the wire of my beloved bra came out like a family secret; so i had to carry six bras off the rack to a dressing room in hope that the support i needed would only cost me $11 and a quarterly trip to ross dress for less. but one spill and gaping cups and shifting band after another: i left with socks and hair products. i saved my tears for the parking lot.

I have a big interest in doing business like clothing and food because I want to be independent woman who can provide herself a thing, I save up money so that I can buy things on my own and not depending on my parents

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I am now currently studying accountancy and business management in Tomas Del Rosario College. I decided to take this specialization because I love math subjects and it is also connected to my mom’s work so that when I finished my study will be the one who will take over her job. I also dream to work abroad as a business woman so that I can save up more money and build my own business here in Philippines.

“You’re showing too much skin”

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How many times have you been told that you’re showing “too much skin”? Or that your outfit is “too deep”? Or “too revealing”? Or how many times have you been told that “people will see you like this, it’s inappropriate”? Or that “it’s only for me to see”? Or how many times have you been asked “who are you dressing up sexy for”? As if being attractive is a bad thing. As if being with someone implies that you can’t look hot in public.
I’m not actually a proud supporter of the #freethenipple “movement” (which is banned by instagram by the way). I’m not suggesting that topless pictures or “inappropriate”, in your words, are a breakthrough towards feminism.
Feminism is about letting women comfortable in their own way without sexualizing them from head to toe.
Feminism is about knowing that you deserve respect and you don’t need to ask for…

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