I am a grown woman — 27 years old — and apparently I still have no idea how to ask someone not to touch me

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Okay, so let’s rewind and explain. A while back I went to a new branch of my gym for the first time. I showed up for a 6am class and because the club was recently opened, there was only one other person in the class. The trainer was really friendly but one thing I didn’t enjoy: he kept touching me to show me the movements.



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I grew up with men in my family constantly viewing women as objects, I thought this was completely normal because it was normal. I was being catcalled at 12 by grown men. That was all I’ve ever know. Sometimes I feel as though I will have to put up with catalling and unwanted sexual advances from men for the rest of my life. I do believe some people will just never change and grasp common sense, and respect of others, and that is scary; but that is our reality as women.