Parents indirectly teach boys that it’s okay to harass girls

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Sometimes it can be effective to solve a problem by dealing with the affected party. But in this case we have to solve the problem by dealing with the cause. Teaching men and boys about boundaries and how to approach women would make a significant difference. I’m saying this because their first justification to cat-calling is: “It’s just a compliment.”

To what extent does the student-centered pedagogy we have come to value in writing instruction rely on an ethic of care that itself relies on a naturalization of the maternal role of women?

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I teach from a place of passion and I put a pressure on my students to succeed, while trying to remain lenient and compassionate. And I hope at the end, I reach more students that will share in the joys of writing with me.

For women in the twenty-first century, a name is a problem that can never be neatly solved

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Names are nothing and everything at the same time. They shape and steal identity, they are complex and unforgiving, they hold secrets and divide families. But they know nothing of the personalities of their users. A name cannot possibly define you […]. Names can cause sadness and joy, privilege and discrimination, and in ways, they will always be a burden to us.