For women in the twenty-first century, a name is a problem that can never be neatly solved

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Names are nothing and everything at the same time. They shape and steal identity, they are complex and unforgiving, they hold secrets and divide families. But they know nothing of the personalities of their users. A name cannot possibly define you […]. Names can cause sadness and joy, privilege and discrimination, and in ways, they will always be a burden to us.

I am a grown woman — 27 years old — and apparently I still have no idea how to ask someone not to touch me

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Okay, so let’s rewind and explain. A while back I went to a new branch of my gym for the first time. I showed up for a 6am class and because the club was recently opened, there was only one other person in the class. The trainer was really friendly but one thing I didn’t enjoy: he kept touching me to show me the movements.

Confidence makes you feel sexy and in turn, you become unstoppable

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I want to be able to look in the mirror and have confidence oozing out. I full heartedly believe that sexiness and confidence are more than just the way they look, but also a state of mind. It is more than just looking sexy for someone else. It is gaining back that level of confidence and strutting your stuff after months or even years of feeling consumed by nursing bras, old t-shirts with spit up or crumbs from your toddlers lunch, and cheap Walmart leggings that should’ve been tossed 2 years ago.