I’d win no matter what, because that’s the important thing

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Anyways, if all of this were true, would you be afraid of my alien soul self who lives in a deep dark cave? Probably. I’m not evil, but I suppose if you see me for who I really am, you might be scared & think I’m going to eat you. I think I’m rather nice, but I’m certainly no fucking door mat. I don’t tolerate dressing down or domination or belittlement.


To All Women in Tech*

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Shedding Light

There are many “right ways” to be a woman in tech, and I hope that people have learned to welcome you with open arms. But at the same time, I worry that some women may not feel brave enough to ask if they are welcome.

I have something subversive to share with you.

I once felt that to be a woman in a male-dominated field (that’s just existing, not even excelling) you had to be as un-female as possible. I had this suspicion in the back of my mind that not allowing women to express themselves as women (but then also claiming them as part of your diverse workforce) — I had this suspicion that it was a lie.

Then I had two great chats with two great women, and I’m going to share their wisdom forever. And I’m writing it here so that you can, too.

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